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Season’s Greetings Light Up Lions Haven as Residents Embrace Festive Cheer!

Tis' the Season at Lions Haven!

Season’s Greetings Light Up Lions Haven as Residents Embrace Festive Cheer!

Lions Haven residents set sail on a magical journey this holiday season, basking in the twinkling lights adorning local homes during a breathtaking moonlight boat cruise. Over two enchanting nights, our community embarked on a serene canal voyage, reveling in the joyous Christmas displays that illuminated the neighborhood.

Beyond the shimmering lights, this event fostered a sense of togetherness, allowing our residents to connect, share stories, and become an integral part of the bustling holiday spirit within our community.

Following this luminous adventure, Lions Haven continued its cherished tradition with a jubilant Christmas celebration. Laughter echoed as staff’s children darted around, filling the air with infectious energy through their playful dances. Mouthwatering treats delighted the taste buds, while anticipation ran high for the announcement of our raffle winners.

The festivities reached a crescendo with the incredible Evie enchanting everyone with timeless Christmas melodies, filling hearts with joy and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Together, residents, staff, and performers reveled in the spirit of the season, forging lasting memories and spreading cheer.

As we bid adieu to another splendid celebration, the warmth of the season lingers at Lions Haven, a testament to the joyous connections and shared moments that define this special community. Here’s to the spirit of togetherness and the magic of Christmas that continues to illuminate our lives at Lions Haven.

"One of the best activities since I've been here..." - Lyn Hayes (Resident)

There is something so magical about our home, it is not just a workplace but we are a little family and coming together at Christmas like this and sharing this with our children just highlights this. - Tina Karakasis (General Manager)




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