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Australia Day

Fun for everyone

The Lifestyle team transformed our Haven House common area into a typical ‘Aussie Backyard’ complete with clothesline, hanging cork hats, a rusted tin roof, bar area and gum leaves a plenty.

The Residents enjoyed a BBQ lunch prepared on the patio along with cold beverages and Paddle Pop ice creams for dessert.

We played ‘Bogan Bingo’, had an ‘Aussie’ trivia segment and sang along to a top ten list of Australian classics. Prizes throughout the day included Iced VoVo biscuits, kangaroo keyrings and Caramello Koalas.

New in Lifestyle for 2023

In 2023 the Lifestyle team is curating a program that includes some of the tried and tested favourite activities over the years along with the introduction of new experience that cater to the vast and diverse interests of our residents. Reviewing our stable of entertainers will see the return of some old favourites while paving the way for some fresh talent and harnessing the vocal and entertainment skills of some of our team.

At the heart of any successful team is the ability to determine and understand why we do what we do. The ‘why’ for us at Lions Haven is always to improve the lives of our residents, enhance their well-being and give them an experience that feels like home, every day. Our purpose in Lifestyle to always ensure that every activity, interaction and experience feels like something shared with family and friends and feels like home.

Inclusiveness drives every action and activity and we ensure that we think, plan and execute all our initiatives with the whole community in front of mind.

We are also establishing a volunteer team as a priority for 2023. We understand that help from the community will propel us toward reaching needs of a wider scope of residents and further support our diversity goals.



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